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lmao tru
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you are sweet rice and stew on a sunday afternoon. you are juju music on a lazy afternoon from the record seller across the street who blasts it without warning. you are street closed for serious owambe. yorubas do not play with parties. you are jumping into buses and having no change. you are “owa!! owa!! na my bus stop be this oh!!” you are the bus conductor who tells the driver not to completely stop after seeing you are not pregnant. you are “make una shift oh! na four people dey siddon there” as you ask yourself why you are crammed in a molue bus. you are third mainland bridge in traffic. you are hawkers on the streets, selling everything. you are muslim neighbors sharing meat after ramadan. you are school closing early on friday for classmates to go to mosque. you are christmas eve mass. you are fireworks and so much laughter. you are dancing in the rain when you are little. you are 4pm, waiting for the television program to start. you are “UP NEPA!” as the screaming turns to “STUPID IDIOTS!” when the electricity gets turned off yet again. you are rushing to grab the iron. you are laughing till it hurts. you are hustling till you see you shine a little. you are sharp mind and no johnny just come movement. you are yoruba mixed with pidgin served with a little slice of igbo. you are sweet pidgin english. you are preachers with bell early in the morning screaming for you to give your life to christ. you are five churches in one street. you are early morning call of prayer from the nearby mosque. you are the neighbor who has three christian wives yet he is a muslim. you are crazy drivers and cursing lips. you are so many languages and so many souls. you are black, hustling, ocean filled souls and historic. you are harmattan. rainy season. sweet mango. agbalumo & seven days rain.



Ijeoma Umebinyuo

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Literally, when I read the “Up Nepa” part, the electricity came back on. Literally.
This is beautiful.

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Cleopatra shii
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 me: *blinks*
"Yhaaaaaaaasssss Bitch, Werk.You’re giving me A Stevie Wonder Realness Bitch Hunty Werk Hunty YhAS$"
"Educated Black Man."
"You speak so well, lol"
"How do you expect racism to end, if you keep bringing it up"
"I can say N*gga, my Great Ant is Dominican, okay?"
"Wow….really…a joke about being White? Aren’t you the one always talking about ending racism?"
"You can’t end racism just by talking about it. Some things are just the way they are."
"OMGGG Can you teach me that thing you do when you guys fall back on one leg?//??"
"What’s a washcloth?"
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My body is not summer ready. Only thing it will ever be ready for is jollof, Subways, Arizonas, and McChickens.



An owl gets inside the house. The Owl Whisperer™ tries to get it back outside again. x

i couldn’t stop laughing

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i’m going to glue 1,000 cotton balls onto my body so i can finally become a cloud


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seeing a text post you made on your dash but with your old url


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